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2018 Spring Collection

Our Spring 2018 introductions look at classic Bella Notte textures and tones in a fresh light.

Vintage inspired and undeniably romantic, Frida enchants with old-world Spanish colonial charm. Delicate lace with dripping scallops flutter along our signature linen in a collection that defines ease and elegance.

Luminous and luxe, our next collection, Paloma, dazzles in all of our hues. With a shimmering charmeuse body edged in a petite silk velvet flange, this collection adds glamour to any room in your home.

Introducing Parchment and Eucalyptus

In addition to our fabric collections, we’re delighted to introduce two new colors to our palette.

Perfectly antiqued Parchment is the neutral you’ve been looking for. Reminiscent of love-worn letters from another era, this creamy hue is tinged with a warm glow, pairing beautifully with all of our tones.

Inspired by the delicate green leaves of its namesake, our second color, Eucalyptus, flows from a soft shade in our linens and cottons, to a rich blue-green in our silk velvets. Dyeing fresh and sophisticated, Eucalyptus has us falling in love with our classic textures anew.